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Manufacturers supply excavator digging machine

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American imported hydraulic motor

The substrate is not easy to deformation

High precision gear

Two stage speed reduction gear box

Split type output shaft

Anti swing cross bracket

The working principle of:

Spiral drilling machine, mainly composed of a driving head and a bit of components, the driving head drill bit assembly is fixedly connected with the drill pipe, drill bit assembly includes, surrounds the drill pipe spiral blades, and set the bit at the end of the drilling rod, the spiral blade is arranged at the bottom end of the drill tooth. Simple structure, production to create ability is stronger, the use of low cost, high flexibility.

The application range of:

The fence


Planting trees


Pile foundation engineering

Screw pile installation

Geothermal heat pump source

Rod and mast installation

Road signs

The sound barrier screen plate

Exploration and research

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