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Zhejiang Jiuli big horsepower to drill digging machine facto

Time:2014-10-29 00:14Source:Jiuli Author:JIULI

Big horsepower for digging machine suitable for large-area digging and city landscaping, suitable for conversion of cropland to forest, afforestation, Li street, photovoltaic power station digging etc.. Plain, hilly, sandy site conditions of the warm soil digging cylindrical holes, with semi mounted drill also for holes preparation, the pin piece except the stump and other operations, maximum limit reduces labor operation fatigue and psychological load, can make people comfortable and effective, so that the whole people - machine system of comprehensive efficiency has the most harmonious man-machine relationship and the optimal.

Long force big horsepower for digging machine has reasonable structure, stable work, high efficiency, the pit wall is vertical, and equipped with overload protection device to prevent more damage. Has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, convenient operation, simple maintenance, low fuel consumption, low noise, easy start, into the hole of high efficiency, low operation cost, cheap price, the device has a novel design, flexible, reasonable, stable and reliable performance, good working effect, high efficiency, welcomed by the vast number of users.

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