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Multifunction horsepower four-stroke digging machine

Time:2014-10-28 23:38Source:Jiuli Author:JIULI
High-horsepower four-stroke digging machine by a small gasoline engine, clutch, high deceleration slope of 25 degrees or less suitable than the gearbox and a specially designed drill composed of sand, planting trees or fruit trees planted hard land, the road two side of the green trees and the like. Long-horsepower four-stroke power company digging machine digging apply to saplings planted, livestock fence, buried pile digging, grapes, pepper cultivation. Digging diameter: 40mm to 500 mm. Operation of not less than 50 pits per hour, working eight hours a day is calculated according to the day you can dig 400 pits, is 30 times more artificial. High-horsepower four-stroke machine is widely used in afforestation digging, planting fruit trees, fences, and fruit trees in autumn to fertilization. High-horsepower four-stroke strong power powerful digging machine, appearance, ease of operation, low labor intensity, all-terrain, high efficiency, easy to carry and field field operations.

     High-horsepower four-stroke main purpose digging machine - all kinds of fruit trees fertilizer - a variety of trees planted - shed column buried - grapes, kiwi, bananas and other crops bracket, windproof frame holes - holes in winter ice fishing, aquaculture winter air vent - highways, railways and other fence post holes - single, double can operate. Long-horsepower four-stroke power digging machine is suitable for gardening, urban greening, planting digging sloping, sandy texture and orchards Guomiao job, barren wasteland, secondary forest, the deforested land and gully Loess Plateau land preparation before planting or digging. High-horsepower four-stroke machine while digging for orchards, mulberry, tea plantations and towns were transplanted trees, greenery all around and digging fertilizer. At the site, the ranch can be used to laying on the ice piles piling holes punched fence, shed column hole purposes.

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