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In the past we the people planting trees, open up wasteland, digging had always human to realize, today we long force team as a domestic leading enterprises in advance for the people to bring the gospel, the emergence of digging machine instead of the previous human.

So in the future will further instead of manual mechanical function, livestock, and rapid development of science and technology in the future on the road, long force will do better. For the new and old customer feedback, our company at cost sales company, so the machine, allowing more profits to the people.

Welcome new and old customers to come to consult the contact: Li Jingli hotline: 18606559661

1 drill consists of universal small gasoline engine, gearbox and special design of drilling tool composition. Suitable for land, permafrost, ice punch. Widely used in garden, planting, planting trees, geophysical exploration, road construction and other fields.

2 bit by synthesis of more hard manganese steel. The hard soil, super hard soil, clay, soil can work.

3 drill according to species, equipped with a variety of specifications of the drill bit, to meet the needs of users.

4 drill can make people from the heavy manual labor freed, widely used in reforestation, planting fruit trees, fences, and fertilization to fruit trees in autumn. Suitable for all kinds of terrain, high efficiency, easy to carry and field land operations.

5 drill can be operated by a single person, but also the double operation, economical and practical.

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